Bird rescue

Bird rescue

Inside these pages you will find information about our group and advice on what to do if you. We also highlight some of the animals currently in care with our members, have some great wildlife stories, copies of our really interesting newsletters, and info about things you can do to help us help wildlife in need, including wildlife-friendly tips.

List Of Wetlands in Kodinar and Sutrapada

  • Nanavada Bandhara
  • Sodam Bandhara
  • Barada Bandhara
  • Zala na Vadodra
  • Kanjotar
  • Dhamlej
  • Pichhva Talav

Census of Migratory Birds:

Every year in February census of migratory birds is carried out in Kodinar and Sutrapada Taluka by the trust with help from Department of Forests, Government of Gujarat, and NGO like Nature Club Surat, Nature Club Bhayavadar, Navrang Nature Club, Ambuja Cement Foundation, GEER Foundation and local community etc.

Species Of Birds with estimated Population

  • Pelican: 1000
  • Flamingo: 20,000
  • Crane:
  • Coot
  • SeaGULLS


Growth of industrialization and change of atmospheric temperature is creating threat on Indian wetland and migratory birds coming to India. We are supporting activities for conservation of wetlands in our region. We are having large number of wetland in our area. Ex:

All these wetlands are in coastal area due to this both sea water and lake water birds are found here.

We are in for front to prevent poaching of birds and illegal fishing in this wetland.

AWe are also giving support for taking sample of birds for virus infections like BirdFlu with the help of local veterinary doctors and sample are sent to central laboratory. Medical treatment is given to wounded birds.

We are also taking record of different species of migratory birds each year with count and taking photograph for record purpose.

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