Whale Shark Conservation

Whale sharks come to the Saurashtra’s Coast to breed during winter. It comes to its parents home to deliver. Every time a whale shark entangled in a net, it swirls around in an attempt to get free. In the process, it entangles several other nets that are usually placed closed to each other in the sea. Immediately on receiving the news of entrapment of any sea creature, Mr. Dinesh rushes to the rescue sea creature. Most times, it’s not an easy mission. Rough weather & choppy sea make it a risky affair. But a saved whale shark is worth of all the trouble, says Mr. Dinesh. He does not own any boat but arranges boat from fishermen to rescue the creature. Firstly on reaching near the creature, net is cut down where it is trapped and details like age,

Live sea creature are then released into sea while dead creatures are disposed and buried. The damage is first assessed by the Fisheries Department and then Forest Department releases the compensation once it gets the figures of the estimated damage. Mr. Dinesh Goswami helps to get reimbursement for expenses incurred by fishermen including fuel expense, net charges etc from forest dept.


Mr. Dinesh Goswami has a very good network with near by residents of fishermen community and leaders, rendering support in various works. Usually he is in continuous touch with all leaders and main persons in different ways. He has healthy relations by participating in different social activities for upliftment of backward classes of fishermen, helping and supporting for their issues against government regarding fishing.

Campaign & Awareness Programme:

Mr. Dinesh Goswami & his team ogranise different awareness programmes and educate local people to save sea creatures and conserve wild life


As such our work for rescuing sea creatures solely depends on fishing community which whole heartedly believes in faith and trust, it is not at all problem with Mr. Dinesh & his team but often he has problems of delaying of reimbursement for fishermen from forest department. Price of net which were 1500rs. approx earlier now it is surely grown up but at time of remit it is paid as per old rates etc. Mr. Dinesh Goswami faces these types of minor problems but he truly believes in god and often forgoes his meager daily wage of Rs. 160 to go on rescue missions.

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