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Prakruti Nature Club, Kodinar.

Environment Education and Research Centre

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Dineshgiri D. Goswami –President
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Jignesh M. Gohil –Vice President
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Email :- dinesh_goswami2008@yahoo.com

(Established in 1997)The founder of this organization Mr. Dineshgiri Goswami, who is most interested in wildlife and its conservation, since childhood in works with RSS (Rashtriya Swayam Sevek).

Earlier it was in practice killing the Whale Shark Rhynocodus typus (Barrel fish) in the Arabian sea coastal tract between Dwarka to Jafrabad of Gujarat State. Once Mr. Mike Pandey, “Shore of Silent” film maker and some foreign people were studying on Whale Shark (Rhynocodus typus) was killed by fishermen, near jetty of the Ambuja Cement Company at Mul-Dwarka village near Kodinar town of the Gujarat State.

Mr. Dineshgiri Goswami working as daily waged laborer at jetty under cement company and he is very fond of getting his photograph with wildlife. And where Mr. Dineshgiri Goswami did request for his photograph with Whale Shark, then those filming team explained that; they are working on Whale Sharks conservation project, because Whale Sharks (Rhynocodus typus) are playing an important role in the marine eco-system, and are migrating thousands of miles; Australia to Western India; finding suitable deep sea and water temperature for breeding.

Soon after understanding the matter from Mr. Mike Pandey and those foreign people, Mr. Dineshgiri Goswami alone has started a movement to save Whale Sharks (Rhynocodus typus) on coastal tract between Dwarka to Jafrabad, where he faced more difficulties; as he is low literate only up to 5th primary, and also needed more helping hands in the said activities.

Then he got support from; Mr. Jignesh Gohil, wildlife lover, possessing sharp knowledge in computer application, communications and documentation of activities, Mr. Vijay A. Khakhkhar, Advocate for legal matters, Mr. P. S. Babariya (R.F.O., Veraval) for action plans, Mr. Balakrishna Dave (Forester, Nature Education, Sasan Gir) for awareness programs, and

many other nature lovers of coastal area joined as helping hands.. At last on June-17, 1997 nature lovers, supporters, friends and volunteers gathered on one platform and established the organization; which called “Prakruti Nature Club, Kodinar”.Administrative body of the organization is as under;-

At present, the organization has over 180 members, friends, assistants, volunteers and nature lovers; come from a diverse range of backgrounds and include members of the local fishing community, farmers and villagers of the Gir jungle border area and coastal area of Gujarat from Dwarka to Bhavnagar. And these all persons are forever active towards all the matters of nature conservation.

This organized team did rally marching with slogans and posters, slides and video shown to the school children and also in the public meetings in fishermen’s villages of coastal area; making aware the people (fishermen) not to kill Whale Shark. This way it was focused on Whale Shark conservation, then also focused on conservation of endangered lives like, Asiatic Lions, Green sea turtles and Vulture species, etc.

Where we work:

Prakruti Nature Club focuses its activities along the Saurashtra and Gujarat coast. We work towards protection of sea turtles, their nests and habitats, whale sharks and other sea creatures, in collaboration with the Gujarat Forest Department. Apart from coast and marine related issues, our organization also works towards conservation of wildlife and migratory birds with the active involvement of local communities.

Prakruti Nature Club-Kodinar is associated with Turtle Action Group (TAG-India), which is the core committee member of ISTS (International Sea Turtle Society); spread over 125 countries of the world.

Role within the network:

As a partner organization within the network, we hope to contribute through the collection of data for turtles visiting the west coast in Saurashtra and the rest of Gujarat. Particularly, our strong association with the local forest department will be beneficial to the network as a whole in terms of collection and distribution of information and data, furthering the growth of the network. Our contribution also extends to providing information on the activities that we carry out that may be beneficial to other members and in turn hope to learn important lessons from other parts of the country. We would like to spread our wings, and solicit the support and the attention of the international community as well.

Plans for the future:

In addition to our existing activities, we are in process of starting an awareness program towards minimum usage of plastic along the coastal areas, among local community members and school children. Our efforts will also be aimed at reducing consumption of turtle eggs, a practice that is prevalent amongst some of the communities that live on the coast.

Our recent focus:

Our organization works on different measures of nature conservation, like;

      1 Whale Shark rescue in the deep sea.
      2 Sea Turtle conservation. Plastic collection in the coast areas.
      3 Supporting the State Forest Department’s staff, that rescue work can be done easy and safe in Asiatic Lions & Leopards conservation and also helping to prevent illicit cutting.
      4 Environmental awareness programs in schools, colleges, institutions and in general public through Nature education camps, street plays, publications, audio-visuals, slides shows, puppet shows and encouraging the next generation (students) by awarding certificates and momentum in the occasional public meetings in different villages.
      5 Protection of birds, creatures and vegetation in wetlands. Wetland birds survey.
      6 Rescue and treatment of injured birds during kite festival, through the members of PNC who are particularly working as Veterinary Officer in the different villages of this area.
      7 Especially interested job is to conserve Vulture species in this area.
      8 Short audio-video clipping for research and awareness education purpose.
      9 Campaign for growing more trees in schools & college complexes, religious places, in the available waste land and creation of mangroves in the creek areas.
      10 Awareness program towards avoiding use of plastics, keeping sea coast garbage free and prevention of global warming factors.

“Clean Gujarat, healthy Gujarat”

Prakruti Nature Club, Kodinar

Website: http://www.prakrutinatureclub.org

Email: prakrutinatureclub@gmail.com

Postal address: “Prakruti” Maruti nagar,
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